Our smart solutions are tailored to fit your schedule and specific needs.
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Our range of services and products is delivered according to your specific timelines, as well as one-time environmental interventions.


We specialize in the sale of products and services tailored to meet your specific timelines, including one-time interventions. .

You can rely on us for various tasks, such as MUD processing, characterization plans, and documentation required by regulatory bodies and local administrations, as well as the management of load and unload registers, among other services..

Come lo facciamo? Rispettando tutti gli adempimenti normativi e amministrativi.
Dove? Nei nostri tre impianti di Lazio e Toscana, punti strategici che, grazie anche al nostro metodo di lavoro e ai nostri strumenti, ci hanno permesso di diventare la piattaforma di riferimento del centro Italia.
In più, svolgiamo quest'attività in sinergia con i maggiori Sistemi collettivi di raccolta, CONOU, COBAT, CONOE, ECOLAMP e ECOLIGHT, con i quali abbiamo creato, negli anni, efficienti modelli di economia circolare



We oversee all processes in collaboration with selected partners throughout the national territory, which enables us to guarantee the highest quality and cater to regional economies.

All of this is managed through a simple and accessible software system that provides a dedicated and secure platform. Through this platform, you can upload documents, track the progress of a case, and download receipts required by legal regulations.

Additionally, we handle the sale and rental of containers, big bags, bulk containers, tanks, and everything related to functional tools for waste collection, remediation of contaminated sites, confined spaces, and building strip-outs.


10.000 s.m

A facility equipped according to the latest regulatory standards.

3.000 c.m.

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+30.000 tons

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80 %

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+30.000 units

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We are working to guarantee you an ever better service.

For this reason we will soon be online with our platform for the rental and purchase of all
materials useful for the temporary storage of your waste.

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  • Management, completion, and maintenance of load and unload registers
  • MUD (Waste Tracking Document) processing
  • Compilation and management of forms
  • Inventory control
  • R.E.N.T.Ri (National Register of Waste Management) registration
  • Site inspections and sampling (with qualified personnel) of waste on-site
  • Chemical analysis
  • Characterization and approval


  •  Containers, Big Bags, Bulk containers, Porta BigbagsTanks, baskets, lamp boxes, and sanitary products, pallets, ADR packaging, Spill kit.


  • Remediation of contaminated sites and confined spaces
  • Strip-out of buildings
  • Emergency Spills
  • First aid Lithium batteries