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Environmental department management and

Another way to accompany you effectively in the process of environmental transformation and innovation.
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You can keep up with innovation
by outsourcing your environmental office
and conducting training with us.


We also support you through strategic and managerial consulting services to manage your environmental office or, rather, to become your outsourced environmental office..

These are the objectives of our consulting:
- Together with you, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company and categorize waste to organize its collection.
- Identify, contract, and manage all the stakeholders involved in logistics and waste disposal.
- Follow regulatory processes (such as Load and Unload Register, Waste Management Document, RenTRi).
- Create an ecological island or storage area, if necessary and feasible.

With practical and operational solutions, we can together improve your company's social responsibility and reduce both direct and indirect environmental impacts.

Come lo facciamo? Rispettando tutti gli adempimenti normativi e amministrativi.
Dove? Nei nostri tre impianti di Lazio e Toscana, punti strategici che, grazie anche al nostro metodo di lavoro e ai nostri strumenti, ci hanno permesso di diventare la piattaforma di riferimento del centro Italia.
In più, svolgiamo quest'attività in sinergia con i maggiori Sistemi collettivi di raccolta, CONOU, COBAT, CONOE, ECOLAMP e ECOLIGHT, con i quali abbiamo creato, negli anni, efficienti modelli di economia circolare



To organize and manage your environmental office, we divide the process into 4 phases: ANALYSIS, EXECUTION, DESIGN, and FOLLOW-UP.

During the analysis phase, we evaluate your company's situation in 3 steps:
- Conduct interviews with relevant stakeholders.
- Identify the type of waste treated or managed, the technologies employed, and the associated
bureaucratic and administrative requirements (through checklists, SWOT analysis, risk and
opportunity identification, etc.).
- Prepare a summary report that provides an overview of the current state of your business.

In the design phase:
- Define timelines, responsibilities, investments, and costs.
- A dedicated project manager will work on process optimization,
ensuring efficient transportation and disposal based on waste type and quantity,
through a selected and monitored network.

In the execution phase:
Translate the previously identified solutions into programmatic macro-activities.
-Transform the macro-activities into specific work packages defined by timelines,
responsibilities, required technologies and tools, and strategic or tactical investments.
- Develop a detailed budget, specifying direct and indirect costs, leading to the
development of a financial plan.
-Create a project document ready for implementation.

In the follow-up phase:
- In a continuous improvement perspective, evaluate the achieved results and propose areas for improvement through monthly and quarterly reports.


We understand the importance of stimulating continuous learning and the positive impact
of knowledge sharing. That's why we also provide corporate training services.

Our courses are suitable for individuals at any seniority level and from any industry sector, covering the most important topics:


Download our course catalog (coming soon online).

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What we do in the preliminary stage:

  • environmental permitting;
  • regulatory update and conformity assessment;
  • environmental management systems (ISO 14001 - ISO 45001);
  • EMAS certification;
  • Waste consulting unit site texts - Google Docs
    environmental statement;
  • correct localization and management of the temporary deposit;
  • identification of the type of waste produced and correct attribution of the EER code (formerly CER code);
  • warehouse management.

What we do day by day:

  • management, compilation and maintenance of loading and unloading records;
  • MUD processing;
  • compilation and management of forms;
  • stock check;
  • R.E.N.T.Ri registration;
  • site inspections and waste sampling;
  • Chemical analysis;
  • characterization and homologous;
  • coordination and waste management;
  • ADR labeling of waste in storage and transport.
  • documentary checks on maintenance suppliers (who comply with environmental and safety regulations).


Quello che ci sta a cuore è guidare con cura il cambiamento ambientale della tua azienda.