Streamlining the waste
management process

We provide you with a unified interface to manage your company's waste across the entire national territory.
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A single, user-friendly interface to manage everything within a quality supply chain.


We engage in the brokering and trading of waste without detention, connecting all stakeholders involved in the supply chain, from waste producers and/or holders to transporters, and finally to the recipient.

We accomplish this through our Waste Intermediaries, who are highly qualified professionals with technical and legal expertise. They oversee all stages of the process, from identifying the best solution to management, and through to physical, documentary, and administrative reporting. Serving as dedicated and singular points of contact, they ensure that everything remains under control at all times.

How do we do it? By complying with all regulatory and administrative requirements.
Where? At our three facilities located in Lazio and Tuscany, strategic points that, along with our working method and tools, have allowed us to become the leading plant site in central Italy.
. Moreover, we carry out this activity in synergy with major Collective Collection Systems such as CONOU, COBAT, CONOE, ECOLAMP, and ECOLIGHT, with whom we have developed efficient circular economy models over the years.



Thanks to our strong know-how, over time we have established a wide range of partnerships that enable us to offer you various solutions.

These solutions range from co-designing waste collection and disposal strategies to integrated management and reporting (physical, documentary, and administrative).
Our waste governance encompasses, not only the material aspect, but also the regulatory aspect. We follow the legislative journey of waste from the point of origin to the final facility, ensuring adherence to processes and timelines.
All of this is made possible through the sharing of principles and objectives, and a responsible approach that connects us to our partners, enabling us to guarantee fully sustainable and conscientious processes.


10.000 s.m

Factories equipped according to the most; recent legislation on the matter.

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  • Waste analysis and check;
  • mapping of the necessary partners with respect to the type and destination of the waste;
  • macro-design of the work plan;
  • logistics planning;
  • coordination of administrative procedures;
  • organization of the waste collection and disposal service;
  • delivery of documentation to the customer;
  • project report.


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